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First Book of Samuel: Quiz 3

  1. Who were Samuel's sons?
  2. Hophni and Phinehas
    Eliazar and Ithamar
    Joel and Abijah
    Nadab and Abihu

  3. Who was Saul's father?
  4. Kish

  5. To which tribe of Israel did Saul belong?
  6. Reuben

  7. Why did Saul and his servant go to Samuel?
  8. To participate in a sacrifice
    To seek Samuel's help to find the lost donkeys
    To inquire about their future
    To listen to his sermon

  9. How did Samuel make Saul the king of Israel?
  10. By anoining him with oil
    By giving him a prominent seat at the banquet
    By setting a crown on his head
    By putting a royal robe on him

  11. Name the king of the Ammonites who came to attack Jabesh Gilead.
  12. Og

  13. What was the condition of the treaty that the king of the Ammonites proposed with the people of Jabesh Gilead?
  14. The people of Jabesh Gilead should be his servants forever
    The people should pay him a thousand shekels every year
    The people should worship him
    He will put out the right eyes of all the people

  15. How many people gathered with Saul for battle against the Ammonites?
  16. Six hundred
    Three hundred and thirty thousand
    Ten thousand
    Five hundred thousand

  17. What sign did Samuel perform to bring the Israelites to repentance?
  18. There was an earthquake
    There was hail
    When he called, God sent thunder and rain
    There was darkness

  19. Name Saul's son who defeated the garrison of Philistines in Geba.
  20. Jonathan