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Northern Virginia 
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Sh'himo Prayer Wednesday Compline
All things I have con-sidered - Nothing I have seen better
Blest is he who loved - the fear of the Lord
Joseph the just loved it and became king of - Egypt
Moses loved it and divided the sea with - his staff
Daniel and his friends loved it
And it saved them from the flames
More desir-able than gold, - sweeter than the honeycomb
Blest is he who loves - the fear of the Lord. Barekmor.
Shub'ho ...
St. Paul wrote me a letter - while I sat down and read it
Tears flowed from my eyes - for it is written:
Woe to adulterers and shame be upon - robbers
For the blasphemers there is a fire
Which is - not quenched
Woe to me for I have done
All these things from my young age
Like the tax collector and - just like the sinful woman
I beseech You Lord - Have mercy on me!
Men olam...
I, Ephrem, am nearing death - and I write my testament
Pray without ceasing - all day and all night
When the ploughman ploughs two times his harvest is - fruitful
Do not be like the slothful ones, whose fields sprout up - thorns
May this be a witness to - my disciples after me:
For he who loves it receives - great reward in both the worlds
Pray without ceasing - all day and all night
Lord have mercy upon us
O Lord receive our - service
Send us from Your treasure-house
Mercy, grace and for-giveness
By our unpleasing actions,
We have angered You - O Lord
You are full of compassion
And Your peace is not - disturbed
Ocean of mercy, You are -
Our sins are a drop - of mud
And a drop of mud cannot
Make a vast ocean - muddy
Glory be to Your great love which is shed upon - sinners
Honor to Your Father and
To the Holy Spi-rit, praise
Lord Who hears prayers and responds
Be re-conciled to us and
Hear our pray'r and petitions
And answer in Your - mercy
Kurielaison, Kurielaison, Kurielaison