St. Mary's Indian Orthodox Church 
Northern Virginia 
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By Thy light we see the light,
Jesus, full of light,
Thou, true light, dost give the light
To thy creatures all
Lighten us with thy gay light,
Thou the Father's light divine
Thou who dwellest in the light
Mansions holy, pure
Keep us from all hateful thoughts
From all passions vile,
Grant us cleanness in our hearts
Deeds of righteousness to do
God, who didst receive the lamb
Blameless Abel brought
Who the gift of Noah took,
Abram's sacrifice,
See our fast and hear our pray'r
Answer by Thy grace our pleas
Come ye sinners and implore
Seek forgiveness here
To one knocking at the door
Openeth the Lord
He that asketh doth receive,
He that seeketh, he shall find
Lord, grant good remembrance to
All the faithful dead,
Thy holy body they took
And Thy living blood
May they stand at thy right side,
On that day Thy grace shall dawn